• Singularity Training'19

    We are pleased to host the Singularity Training'19 organized by Sylabs and HPCNow!. This is a training course aimed to share expertise and strategies of the most popular container technology in High-Performance Computing.

    It will be held in Barcelona on 12th June, 2019 in conjunction with HPC Knowledge Meeting'19 (13th to 14th June, 2019.), also organized by HPCNow!

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Singularity Training'19 Schedule

June 12th
09:00 Jordi Blasco (HPCNow!)
9:15 Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez (Sylabs)
9:45 Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez (Sylabs)
Coffee Break
11:00 Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez (Sylabs)
11:45 Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez (Sylabs)
12:15 Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez (Sylabs)
12:45 Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez (Sylabs)

The meeting will be hosted by Barcelona Advanced Industry Park, Marie Curie, s/n, 08042 Barcelona (Spain).


No special accommodation has been agreed by the workshop organization, but there are several hotels and student residences available close to the venue.

You can use Hotels Combined as a search tool to help users find the best priced accommodation option. In addition to the obvious advantages of the comparison system, the Conference Support Initiative offers rebates.

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