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Reasons to get involved

The most important reason is that you really want to share your knowledge and your expertise with the HPC Community. HPCKP will thank your collaboration providing you an acknowledgement via a public profile with your CV, resumé or bio.

The main goals of this project are impartiality and objectivity. That is why there are no commercial banners or donation forms. HPCKP is developed by people enthusiastic about the work they do and who want to share their knowledge.

We encourage you to become a part of the HPCKP Team!

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How can you collaborate?

Articles : There are a lot of tricky applications that are very hard to install and is difficult to get them working at high performance in a particular architecture. The community really needs that information, and for that reason, we are looking for writers and reviewers.

Benchmarks : This topic is closely related with articles. In order to make sure that the best performance is achieved, we need to test the results, the timing and the scalability. Reviewers are requested to reproduce the same tests with a similar scenario so as to publish an unbiased article.

Trainings and Talks : We believe that the best way to share knowledge is keeping in touch and meet with HPC Community experts at least once a year. For that reason, we organise an annual meeting with trainings and technical talks. If you are interested in participating, please, let us know.