HPCKP (High-Performance Computing Knowledge Portal) is an Open Knowledge project focused on technology transfer and knowledge sharing in the HPC Science field.

The HPCKP project was founded in late 2010 by Jordi Blasco as an initiative of The Reference Network on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (XRQTC), with the idea of sharing the deep knowledge acquired by people in the HPC field regarding installation and optimization of specific applications in Computational Chemistry.

Since November 2012 HPCKP continued its activity as an independent community project outside the XRQTC and now covers several scientific domains. On 22 March 2013 HPCNow! started to support and manage the HPC Knowledge Portal. HPCNow! was born as a natural evolution of the HPCKP project, and will now ensure the continuity and sustainability of the HPC Knowledge Portal.

Nowadays, the project has grown up and is providing several articles, tools, conferences, seminars, trainings and some other activities to accomplish the main objectives mentioned above. HPCKP is proud to have international contributions and collaborations from very active members in the HPC community and it expects more people getting involved in the future. Maybe you? :-)

HPCKP thinks that the best way to ensure the quality and objectivity of the articles is through a peer review process. Hence, each article needs a minimum of two independent reviewers in order to be published at the HPCKP website.

One of the main goals of this project is to motivate new initiatives and collaborations in HPC, which these days is a complex field with a very small and segregated community. The principles on which we want to stand in order to achieve such an ambitious goal are impartiality and objectivity. For that reason, there are no commercial banners or donation forms. HPCKP is developed by people who love the work they do and want to share their knowledge with the world.