Operating-System-Level Virtualization is an emerging technology, capable of delivering superior performance and scalability values compared to other mechanisms such as Hardware-Assisted Virtualization. It is currently making its way into cloud infrastructures, where infrastructure service providers such as Amazon already provide container-based services on virtual machines with solutions such as Docker or LXC-inspired proprietaries such as Kubernetes from the google container engine. Few, like Joyent, provide infrastructure as a service on a bare-metal container platform, on which the advantages of Operating-System-Level Virtualization can be exploited to the maximum. However, in private clouds, infrastructure managers such as OpenStack and CloudStack, provide little sup-port, null, or third parties. OpenNebula, has already been enriched with the integration of LXC. However, LXD is a very recent technology that acts as interface over LXC allowing greater functionality, usability and security. This is why the objective outlined in the present work was the development of a driver for OpenNebula, which would allow it to support LXD. The developed driver supports different functionalities like deploying containers on file systems and distributed storage; add / remove network interfaces and disks to contenders; and limit the use of resources between containers.

Authors: Sergio José Vega Gutiérrez (CUJAE)

Date: 21st June 2018

Location: Barcelona Advanced Industry Park