HPCKP'17 Conferences



Lmod is a modern environmental module system for providing software to HPC users. XALT is a tool to track software usage in a lightweight manor. Both tools help in managing software on your HPC system. Lmod can track the modules users load. XALT knows what programs and libraries your user execute.

Lmod can help users handle complex software stacks by supporting the software hierarchy. Lmod support a cache to speed up module access and a long list of other features such as user module collections, module properties, semantic versioning etc.

XALT tracks both MPI and non-MPI programs as well as the libraries that users run. Sites can know exactly what kinds of programs user are running. What percentage of programs are MPI based or non-MPI based? Are the kinds of program on your cluster solving Chemistry, Physics, Biology or something else?


  • Robert McLay (TACC)

Speaker: Robert McLay

Date: June 16th, 2017

Location:Palacio de Miramar, Donostia - San Sebasti√°n, Spain.