HPCKP'15 Conferences

sNow! new Features and Roadmap




sNow! is a suite based on Open Source software designed to manage and administrate HPC infrastructures. This suite is developed and maintained by the HPCNow! team which has a solid experience in the use, management and administration of supercomputers in scientific and engineering environments. sNow! is an easy to use and it installs software that provides all the necessary tools to deploy and operate a computing cluster such as OS, monitoring tools, cluster filesystem, batch queue system or parallel and mathematical libraries.

sNow! is specifically designed to obtain the maximum performance from the cluster, allocating the most critical services in HPC environments into High Availability and Load Balancing layer, providing resilience and scalability for the most critical and high demanding HPC environments. The software offers the possibility to replicate over the Internet all the configuration and most critical data for disaster recovery.

sNow! is an OpenSource software, licensed under the GPLv3. The application suite is developed and maintained by HPCNow! which also provides training and professional support services for the application suite.

Title: sNow! new Features and Roadmap

Speaker: Jordi Blasco (HPCNow!)

Date: 4th February 2015

Location: Faculty of Chemistry (UB), C/ Martí i Franqués 1, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.