HPCKP'14 Conferences

HPC Knowledge Portal (Keynote)

About HPC Knowledge Portal :

HPCKP (High-Performance Computing Knowledge Portal) is an Open Knowledge project focused on technology transfer and knowledge sharing in the HPC Science field. HPCKP project was founded on late 2010 with the idea of sharing the deep knowledge acquired by people in the HPC field about how to install and how to optimize some specific applications.

Nowadays, the project has grown up and it provides several articles, tools, conferences, seminars, trainings and some other activities to accomplish the main objectives mentioned above. We are proud to have international contributions and collaborations from very active members in the HPC Community and we expect that more people will get involved in the future. May be you? :-)

The main goals of this project are impartiality and objectivity. For that reason, there is no commercial banners or donation forms. The HPCKP is developed by people that like the work they do and they want to share their knowledge to the world.

Title: HPC Knowledge Portal (Keynote)

Speaker : Jordi Blasco (HPCKP/NeSI)

Date : 13th January 2014

Location : Faculty of Chemistry (UB), C/ Martí i Franqués 1, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.

Slides : hpckp-intro.pdf