HPC Future trends, my 2 cents

Abstract :

In these past years the HPC service has been widely spread from research centres or big companies to small/home office environments. Lower prices and constant technology enhancements like GPU computing or multicore CPU let computing services available (i.e Amazon or Google) and affordable worldwide. The HPC battlefield has new and tough players. Which services and technologies will lead the way? Do I have to be worried about it? What can I do to survive the prune? In this presentation we will try to look ahead and made an educated guess in order to answer these questions.

Title: HPC Future trends, my 2 cents

Speaker : Gabriel Verdejo Álvarez (RDLab)

Date : 13th January 2014

Location : Faculty of Chemistry (UB), C/ Martí i Franqués 1, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.

Slides: HPC Future trends, my 2 cents