Hands-on with the GridWay Metascheduler

Abstract :

The GridWay Metascheduler enables large-scale, reliable and efficient sharing of computing resources over different grid middlewares. GridWay allows unattended, reliable, and efficient execution of single, array, or complex jobs, both sequential or parallel, on heterogeneous and dynamic grids. GridWay performs all the job scheduling and submission steps transparently to the end user and adapts job execution to changing grid conditions. The aim of the tutorial is to provide a global overview of the process of installing, configuring and using GridWay. During the tutorial, participants would receive a practical overview of the agenda topics, having the opportunity to install their own GridWay instance and to exercise GridWay functionality with examples on a real grid infrastructure.

Title: Hands-on with the GridWay Metascheduler

Speaker : Ismael Marín Carrión (DSA-Research)

Date : 16th October 2012

Location : Faculty of Chemistry (UB), C/ Martí i Franqués 1, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.