• HPC Knowledge Meeting'19

    We are pleased to host the 8th HPC Knowledge Meeting organized by HPCNow!.

    This is a meeting aimed to share expertise and strategies in High-Performance Computing, High-Performance Data Analysis, and Clustering.
    It will be held in Barcelona from 13th to 14th June, 2019 in conjunction with Singularity Training'19
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We encourage to take part in sponsorship of the HPC Knowledge Meeting’19 at the level which best suits your organization needs. We provide pre-defined sponsorship opportunities packages to participate in presenting a business or technical sessions and join in other marketing activities.


image Principal Engineer @ Cray Inc.

Brad Chamberlain

Cray Inc.
image Computer Scientist @ LLNL

Todd Gamblin

image Software Engineer @ Sylabs Inc

Carlos Eduardo Arango Gutierrez

Sylabs Inc
image HPC system administrator @ Ghent University

Kenneth Hoste

Ghent University
image Project Lead @ OpenHPC

Karl W. Schulz

image Co-founder and CTO @ HPCNow!

Jordi Blasco

image Solutions Manager @ NeSI

Blair Bethwaite