HPC Knowledge Meeting '11

This meeting was held at the University of Barcelona, from 13th October to 14th October, 2011. It was organized by the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Reference Network on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (XRQTC).

Hope you enjoyed it and to see you again!

The meeting will be hosted by the Faculty of Chemistry (Aula-105 and Aula-2C), University of Barcelona (Av. Diagonal, 08028 Barcelona).

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No special accommodation have been agreed by the workshop organization, but there is number of hotels and student residences available close to the venue.

You can use Hotels Combined as a research tool research tool to help users find the best priced accommodation option. In addition to the obvious advantages of the comparison system, the Conference Support Initiative offers rebates.

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HPCKP'11 Conference Schedule

Day 1
13th Oct 2011
Opening Session
10:00h Jose Alcantara (MMB - IRB)
10:30h Alexandre Vaqué Brull (CESCA)
Coffe Break
Scale Up or Scale Out or Cloud. New platforms for HPC
11:30h Javier López (admIT)
12:00h Carles Acosta (UAB) & Dani Masó (IQC - UdG)
12:30h Jordi Blasco (XRQTC)
subline text15:00-17:00h Jordi Blasco (XRQTC)
Day 2
14th Oct 2011
09:00h Jordi Blasco (XRQTC)
10:00h Alejandro Lucero (BSC)
10:30h Carles Fenoy (BSC)
Coffee Break
11:30h Jacinto Grijalba (Novell)
12:00h Arnau Bria (PIC)
12:30h Fernando Galindo & Gabriel Verdejo (RDlab, LSI - UPC)
15:00-17:00h Jordi Blasco (XRQTC) & Pablo Escobar (CIPF)